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Journal Issue
Volume 16 Issue 2, Intuitive Researcher / Jul 2018  pp55‑102

Editor: Jocene Vallack

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Editorial for EJBRM Volume 16 Issue 2  pp55‑55

Jocene Vallack

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Finding My Intuitive Researcher’s Voice Through Reflexivity: An Autoethnographic Study  pp56‑66

Natalie Cunningham, Teresa Carmichael

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Uncovering Human Needs through Visual Research Methods: Two Commercial Case Studies  pp67‑79

Joanna Hare, Katie Beverley, Taaslima Begum, Claire Andrews, Anna Whicher, Andrew Walters, Alistair Ruff

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Mixed‑Methods Triage: Coalescing Holistic Perspectives for a More Diverse and Inclusive Academy  pp80‑85

B. H. Martin

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Theatre as Research  pp86‑92

Jocene Vallack

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Writing on the Walls: Poetic Transcription as a Research Conversation  pp93‑102

Sherry Martens

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In this paper, I explore visual displays in elementary schools as more than just pretty pictures, but thoughtful deliberations about what it means to think to see and see to think with teachers. One cannot point to a classroom/school bulletin board and say of a visual display that ‘it is this way’ or ‘it is another way’. Rather, it is through relational connections—utilizing poetry and poetic transcription to engage the multiple voices of the visual with those who inhabit classroom spaces—that one makes sense of what is occurring. It is through a practice of noticing that I, as researcher, endeavour to create and find meaning through a hermeneutic lens. As soon as I think I know what has been captured in the visual displays on the walls, it shifts, moves away, and I am drawn into another question to locate/relocate. This paper seeks to reveal the meaning of these spaces in conversations with a teacher, with and as poetry returned to one another, as a way to make sense of visual displays. 


Keywords: Poetic transcription, visual displays, visual culture, hermeneutics, narrative inquiry, art education


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