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Journal Article

Using the Multiple Case Study Design to Decipher Contextual Leadership Behaviors in Indian Organizations  pp54-65

Veena Vohra

© Jul 2014 Volume 12 Issue 1, Editor: Ann Brown, pp1 - 74

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Abstract: This paper demonstrates how the complex phenomenon of contextual leadership in business organizations was studied in a unique manner by using the multiple case study design. In the current context of fast paced change, uncertainty and ambiguity, leadership roles in organizations assume great significance. Recent studies have indicated the relevance and importance of studying leadership behavior in the context in which they appear and not away from it. In this study, the multiple case study desig n was used for the twin purposes of capturing rich descriptive contexts of the leader and strengthening the patterns of findings using Yins (1984) replication logic.Within the case studies, mixed methods were employed to generate qualitative and quant itative data simultaneously on the contextual leadership behaviors of senior Indian managerial leaders. The methodology,based on the social phenomenology paradigm, used interviews to capture the interpretation of the leaders about their environments. Qual itative data was collected through interviews, company documents, industry reports and analysts reports. Quantitative data collection methods included a scale based on Ansoffs model, the adaptive capacity scale as well as the Multifactor Leadership Quest ionnaire. The study proposes a model of leadership based on rich synthesis of patterns of leadership behavior across contexts in an emerging markets scenario using the multiple case study design, mixed methods in data collection and analysis, a combinat ion of data driven and theory driven codes in the coding framework and mixed methods for transforming the raw dataThe objective of this study was to provide insights into designing a multiple case study research and carrying out cross case analysis using matrices. Additionally the study describes the usage of the multiple case study design to study leadership embedded in its context in a novel manner.


Keywords: Keywords: multiple case study design, leadership, mixed methods, social phenomenology


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